Dealing with Section 32 Regulation

By | March 11, 2017

Based on the new regulation in Victoria, every seller of land must provide statement of various details of the property. This statement is officially known as section 32 and it must be attached to every contract for sale of land. Section 32 allows purchaser to have proper information before making the decision. This regulation makes it more challenging for those planning to sale land or other property.

Since it is a legal document, section 32 must be prepared based on the legal guideline. It won’t be an easy thing to do for property seller who don’t have proper knowledge in this issue. Moreover, the information provided in section 32 must be detailed and precise. You need someone with legal knowledge to help you with this issue and the conveyancer is the one you can rely on. Conveyancer handles all legal matters related to property buying and selling and that’s including this new section 32 regulation.  Signature Conveyancers is the leading conveyancing Doreen firm with team of professional conveyancers who already have comprehensive knowledge with the new regulation and highly capable to help you with section 32 preparation.

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