Why choose Bathroom tiles over walls?

By | March 11, 2017


While you are designing your house you always face confusion in decorating your house whether one has to use tiles or let the walls be just painted. Nowadays everyone wants to decorate their bathroom as well, giving a luxury touch to your house is important but one has to even manage a budget.

How do you choose cheap bathroom tiles over walls? One can even you split tiles if you want to décor your bathroom giving a natural touch to it instead of painted walls.

Split face tiles are not only cheap but require low maintenance and are long lasting as well, here are few pros and cons of having bathroom tiles over painted walls.


Pro’s of bathroom tiles

  • Adds a real touch texture to your bathroom, adding texture is very important if you are looking for having natural effect and luxury look for your bathroom.
  • Suited for humid environment as they are easier to wash too! So low maintenance cost.
  • Do not fade in terms of color unlike painted walls, they are durable and serve for a long time.
  • They give permanent fixture to the bathroom, the effect of the painted walls can never match to the tiles, and there are many type of tiles like split tiles.
  • The cost of the bathroom tiles is though high but the work like an asset and will not need a renovation after few years if someone gives a vintage tough of split tiles, but for painted walls you need to highlight them every 1 year to make your bathroom look decent.
  • They are timeless decoration and very attractive.


Cons of bathroom tiles


  • Bathroom tiles have no cons, they are perfect if you just select the proper type of tiles. Make sure you choose a proper bathroom tile by scanning different types of options available to you.
  • Change, tiles are quite durable so in case you do not like to fixate on one thing then bathroom tiles is not your thing, you can keep changing and renovating with the painted walls.
  • Take time, to set up a tile flooring or walls for your bathroom It will take time, so it is a time consuming activity and one will have to have the patience for the work to get completed unlike painted walls take only a day.
  • Price, if you choose a tiles out of your budget then it might cost you a lot, though many options of cheap bathroom tiles are available one can always reduce their cost by using painted walls instead, but at the end it adds cost to the maintenance.


So these were the pros and cons one can scan to choose if they need bathroom tiles over walls.