Your Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

By | May 6, 2017

Kitchen cabinetry cannot be overlooked when considering kitchen renovations, remodels or new construction ideas. Cabinets play a major role in the kitchens overall storage capacity as well as in the design of the space. The cabinets you decide to use should represent your character, design ideas as well as colour and material preferences.

There are a number of custom cabinetry styles that you can use in your kitchen space. Different styles are built differently and are ideal for varying functions. Custom cabinetry utilises a number of compound wood materials. There are various door styles, frames and finishes that will dictate the overall look of your cabinetry. Before you undergo any major kitchen cabinetry predict, consult a cabinetry design and installation professional to help make sure your project results in the best cabinetry possible.

Cabinetry Construction Styles
The way that a kitchen cabinet is built and designed will impact its final appearance and functionality. Many cabinets rely on hinges, while others rollout. Different shelving separations will define what the cabinets can store. A shelf based cabinet construction can be better for keeping items organised, as well as for more fragile items. While large drawers can be more accessible, offer more overall storage capacity and can be better for storing large items. An effective ratio of both drawer and shelf-based cabinets can make your cabinetry ideal for storing any amount, size and style of item.

Wood Types
Different wood materials and compounds are more suitable for different parts of the cabinet. A number of wood compounds are used in the construction of high-quality kitchen cabinets. 4 of these compounds are:
* Plywood Ð Plywood is made by combination a number of layers of materials including a lumber core, particleboard, MDF core as well as several later of veneers. Each layer runs at an angle to the next and all layers are joined by an adhesive.
* Particleboard Ð Particleboard is crafted from wood shavings, resin and other building materials that are bound together by high-heat compressions.
* Thermofoil Ð Thermofoil is a PVC material that is pressed into a medium density fibreboard. Thermofoil is only used in cabinet doors.
* Veneer Ð Thin layers of veneer wood can be applied on top of cabinet doors. Veneers are ideal for custom cabinet finishes.

Panel Styles
The style of panel you select for you custom cabinetry can directly affect the look of the cabinet.  Two main sections of custom cabinet doors are raised and recessed.
* Raised Panels Ð Raised panels showcase a protruding middle section and add a textured look to your cabinetry. The panels are never raised past the frame of the cabinetry. Framed and raised panel cabinets are most commonly used to in traditional, French country, rustic and other more classical kitchen styles.
* Recessed Panels Ð Recessed or flat cabinet panels are made flush against the door. Flat panels allow a frame to pop out more with traditional cabinet styles. Flat panels are also used in more modern or contemporary frameless cabinetry styles to provide a sleek feel to the cabinetry.

Custom Storage Solutions
Kitchen cabinets offer a number of custom storage features.  Racks on the back of shelved cabinet doors can provide increase storage space for small items. Vertical panels in drawer-based cabinets can help keep the drawers more organised. ÒLazy SusanÓ spin tops can allow for easier storage access in shelf cabinets. Drawers in pantry cabinets are an innovative way to increase the storage capacity in your kitchen pantry. Contact a custom kitchen cabinet designer today for more information on the specialty storage options your custom cabinets can bring to your kitchen space.